Your IP drives your business forward

Your intellectual property refers to your patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial designs and similar rights — and it’s one of your most valuable assets. It’s the foundation of your dream, your vision and your journey. It’s the thing that sets your business apart from all others.

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What can a professional do for you?

By working with an IP professional, you’re not just registering your intellectual property. You’re building a relationship that will help you strategize at every stage of your business’ growth.

Become more competitive
Become more competitive

Use your IP help your business stand out among the competition.

Navigate complex information
Navigate complex information

Get expert advice on your IP rights to help you make informed business decisions.

Avoid costly mistakes
Avoid costly mistakes

Eliminate the risk of infringing on other businesses’ rights — or having them violate yours.

Find an IP professional

IP law can be daunting. Hiring a patent agent, trademark agent or lawyer can help you develop a strategy to make the most of your intellectual property.

Find an IP professional

Make the most of your consultation

Be prepared with the information you need before calling an IP professional.

Consider your market

Who will you be selling to? What countries will your business operate in?

Consider your product/service

Will you be selling a product, a service, a brand? What distinguishes your business from competitors?

Consider your goals

Are you trying to prevent knock-offs? Are you trying to differentiate a unique product, service or brand? Are you trying to attract investors?

Consider your timeline & budget

When are you planning on enforcing, licensing or otherwise using your IP? Is there an active competitor in the marketplace that you need to consider?

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Discover how far your ideas can take you

How IP can protect more than just your business

Makatew Workshops is an indigenous business that runs hands-on workshops for groups who can gain not...

Comment la PI peut protéger bien plus que votre entreprise

Makatew Workshops est une entreprise autochtone qui organise des ateliers pratiques à l'intention de...

Intellectual Property is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your intellectual property (IP) drives your business forward! Your IP refers to your patents, tradem...

La propriété intellectuelle est votre arme secrète

Pourquoi protéger votre propriété intellectuelle (PI)? Votre PI comprend vos brevets, vos marques, v...

Protecting green battery recycling techniques with IP

200000 tonnes of lithion batteries are discarded each year, most of them burned. Lithion Recycling t...

Protéger les techniques de recyclage des batteries avec la PI

200 000 tonnes de batteries au lithium sont jetées chaque année, la plupart étant brûlées. Lithion R...

Using IP to bring an air pollution solution to the global market

Thousands of people die in North America due to air pollution each year. EnvisionSQ uses IP to prote...

Utiliser la PI pour apporter une solution à la pollution atmosphérique sur le marché mondial

Des milliers de personnes meurent chaque année en Amérique du Nord en raison de la pollution de l'ai...

Importance of Intellectual Property at Lee Valley

As one of Canada's largest tool manufacturers, Lee Valley knows a thing or two about building from t...

Importance de la propriété intellectuelle chez Lee Valley

En tant que l'un des plus importants fabricants d'outils au Canada, Lee Valley a su construire une e...

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Protect your patents and trademarks

Trademark and patent agents are experts in their specific fields of IP law. Take a closer look at how IP professionals can help you obtain, protect and maximize your intellectual property rights.

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What is IP?

Patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial designs and similar rights are referred to as “intellectual property” (IP). IP law lets business protect their ideas, inventions and other original concepts from being used without their permission or compensation.

What is IP? Watch video