World IP Day Youth Video Competition Entry - Passing the Baton: Present to the Future with IP

Published on April 26, 2022

Centered around the theme "We are young and innovative. Let’s build a better future with IP”, this video titled Passing the Baton: Present to the Future with IP captures the innovative ways entrepreneurs have implemented IP into their dynamic solutions in tackling global issues. The video, submitted for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)'s World IP Day Youth Video Competition by Canadians Sarah Syed and Peter Mangaly (both law students at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law), focuses on food insecurity, climate change, inadequate healthcare, and education - areas that young people are concerned about and must be targeted to create a better future. The video includes interviews with three organizations that highlight the impact of these problems, their solutions, and the enabling power of IP. The video emphasize how youth will continue to lead and develop innovative solutions by building on prior generations and working together intergenerationally.

To address food insecurity and climate change, the first interview showcases Graeme Herring, V.P. Intellectual Property Strategist at TERRAMERA, an agricultural technology innovation company. He explains their application of IP such as patents, industrial designs, tradesecrets, and trademarks to build technologies and solutions for agriculture. They utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce the global pesticide load, recapture carbon emissions and sequester it within the soil - to fight climate change and increase production yield to address issues related to food insecurity. 

Secondly, to raise awareness on global health issues and gaps within the healthcare system - increasingly evident by the COVID-19 pandemic and its lasting effects - the next interview features Karima Bawa, CEO of 3D Bridge Solutions, a medication management platform. They created a cloud connected medication dispenser and monitoring system for seniors and chronic care patients to ensure the correct pills are dispensed remotely at the right time while preventing prescription misuse through secure storing mechanisms. The company has a robust IP portfolio, including filing patents that are relevant for other fields of use within healthcare, such as drones that deliver medication packages, technologies used to create a polypill, and platforms that can support the monitoring and tracking of use of various health appliances. 

Thirdly, addressing issues pertaining to the delivery of quality education, Evan Sitler is the Co-Founder of XPERTVR, a company that targets learning through the creation of virtual reality simulations for students. Applying virtual reality technology improves the quality of education by stimulating learning through actions. For example, a student conceptualizing a “search and rescue” situation as a firefighter would be difficult to comprehend through a textbook. Virtual reality solves this difficulty by enabling students to actively engage in simulated environments and learn by doing. XPERTVR has created experiential learning opportunities through their IP developments of reusable codebases and APIs (for functionality within the virtual reality simulations), and reusable 3D Assets (to create the environment that people interact within).

Overall, the aforementioned global issues continue to persist, but innovators have created sustainable solutions. Innovators are the driving force and hope for a better future. And by utilizing IP, they have seen these positive impacts firsthand. As their video highlights, the world is changing faster than ever before, but the next generation of youth have stepped up to work together intergenerationally for the people of today, and tomorrow.

Please click here to view the video.

About the submitters:

Sarah Syed is a law student with interests in innovation and IP. She earned her HBSc in Health Studies, Biology, and Psychology from the University of Toronto. She co-founded the internationally recognized NPO, Global Youth Impact to empower young people to be leaders and change-makers within their communities and around the world. With her sibling-band, DEYSofficial, Sarah uses music as a platform for advocacy, professionally writing and performing songs that raise awareness on pressing global issues. As a singer, songwriter, and activist, Sarah is passionate about combining her interests and experiences to share stories and make a positive, lasting impact.

Peter Mangaly is a third year law student at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. He is an advocate for a range of issues in Canada including climate change, Indigenous injustice, and the national housing crisis. Prior to law school, Peter worked as an Educator, teaching high school students a variety of courses with a focus on Business and Economics. He is also the Co-Founder and Creative Designer of an online clothing store in which his designs challenge gender norms. Peter is passionate about using technology as a tool to catalyze social change and remains dedicated to youth empowerment.

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